Elder Matthew Nielsen

"You are assigned to labor in the Brazil Fortaleza East mission"

What Price are you Willing to Pay to Receive Eternal Life with Your Family?

Hello Family and Friends!

We had a great week!  We were able to accomplish a lot by working hard with the youth of the ward in trying to find new people to teach.  We had at least one youth helping with each lesson that we taught last week.  This helped a lot!  Investigators are always a lot more open and willing to live the gospel when they are doing it with a friend.

We have an investigator who is really excited to be baptized.  We just got to know him last week, but because he has so many LDS friends, he has already been to Seminary and many other church activities.  His name is Matthew (great name!).  He has already prayed to know if this church is true and if he should be baptized and he felt really good about going through with it.  I believe that he will be baptized very soon.  He has the support of so many friends.  I am so grateful that the Lord has given us this great young man to teach and to help.

Impressions of Brazil:

  1. As some of you may know, in certain places in Brazil, there are “Favelas”, which are areas that the government builds to assist those who are struggling financially. But where did this word come from?  The Favela is a plant.  And there was a lot of this plant in the area where lower income housing was first built for the people.  Well the name stuck, so everyone refers to lower incoming housing as Favelas.
  2. There is a wonderful fruit that is grown in northern Brazil, that is also found in soda drinks, called “Caju”.  It was named after a Brazilian Indian tribe.  I am also told that the fruit has healing powers.  But most people know that the hook shape at the end of the fruit, the actual seed of the fruit, is what is so popular.  The seed, once it is dried and salted, becomes the cashew nut that every loves so much.
  3. Most of the cities in Ceará are named after Brazilian Indian tribes.

My message is really very simple this week.  I have a challenge for all of you!  Take the time to read and ponder the verse in Mosiah 5:15.  Then ask yourselves, what price are you willing to pay to receive eternal life with your family?

I love and miss you!

Elder Nielsen


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