Elder Matthew Nielsen

"You are assigned to labor in the Brazil Fortaleza East mission"

Obedience is the First Law of Heaven

Hello Family and Friends!

This last week was difficult for us. But looking on the bright side, I know that we have grown a lot and that we are much stronger spiritually than we were last week. It’s easy to become sad and give up or slow down when we have a bad week, but if we choose to be grateful and happy for the things that we have been given, then these bad weeks can give us the opportunity to grow our faith and confidence in God and this results in a certain level of spiritual growth, which makes us that much closer to our Heavenly Father.

Some good news! Jadson and Centia, who we have been working a lot with lately, have decided to get married! They also want to be baptized! As a gift to them, we have decided to pay for their marriage. They are awesome and will be great leaders in Quixadá. Jadson is a policeman and Centia is a work-out trainer. We met them doing contacts in the streets a few weeks ago.

Impressions of Brazil:

  1. All of the Brazilians love the singer David Guetta.
  2. If you don’t know what gift to buy a Brazilian, there are two options that always work: chocolate or a soccer ball!
  3. One of the greatest dreams of a Brazilian is to play in the snow.

Samuel the prophet loved Saul the king. They grew up together. They were extremely close friends who trusted one another. Saul was highly favored of God and his people. Samuel was the person who set apart Saul as king. In time, some of the people of the kingdom had become so wicked that God sent Samuel to order Saul to kill every living thing in that area. Saul went forth and destroyed everything except the king and the best of the animals. Through inspiration, Samuel became aware that Saul had spared the king and a few animals and asked Saul why he did not follow his instructions. Saul tried to justify his actions, saying that he wanted to humiliate the king in front of his people and show that his God is all powerful, and he said that he wanted to sacrifice the animals to give thanks. Samuel became angry and said “It is better to be obediant than it is to sacrifice.” Saul was rejected by God because of his disobedience. He did not follow the guidance of the living prophet. He was removed from the office of king of Israel. Imagine this man, the king of Israel, beloved of the prophet and of God, now rejected by God and removed from a place of power. His sins were disobedience, greed, and vanity. He considered himself above the law of God.

Obedience is the first law of heaven. If God asks us to do something, even if we don’t know why or others are not obeying it, we do it anyway because we know that God would never ask us to do something that wasn’t for our good. Obedience always brings blessings. Probably more importantly, obedience brings peace. I can’t think of anything worse than being rejected by God. We all sin and fall short. The great thing is that we can return back to the path of righteousness. It’s never too late to turn back to God. Never give up on him. Christ died for us to give us a chance to repent and change. Be obedient and I promise that your life will be fuller, richer…and you will be infinitely more happy.

I love you all,

Elder Nielsen


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