Elder Matthew Nielsen

"You are assigned to labor in the Brazil Fortaleza East mission"

Choose to be Happy!


Hello Family and Friends!

I hope everyone had a great week. And if not, what a great blessing it is to be able to start fresh this week! This last week was good in some ways and disappointing in others, but isn’t that just life? I am a big believer that we can decide to be happy no matter what. If the whole world would deliberately choose to be happy each day, life would be better for everyone.

This week was fun and rewarding in many ways. How might you ask?! Among other things, we had our ward Halloween Party (a little late) and it turned out great for our members and investigators! I will send photos soon, but the members painted the Harry Potter scar on my forehead as my costume and my companion and I traded name tags. So I was both Elder Semciek for the night and a wizard! The members loved the cookies I made as well! I made about 100 of them for the party. I talked with some of my investigators who went and they said that they loved it! So I think it was a success.

A rewarding part of the week was seeing the great progress of Elvis Presley (yes, that is really his name) this week. Yesterday we stopped by to speak with him about the tentative baptismal date that we scheduled for him and for the first time he asked who would baptize him “IF” he decided to be baptized. He also asked if there was baptismal clothes for him (he is a big guy). I am so happy that he is thinking seriously about the prospect of baptism!

Impressions of Brazil:

  1. Shrimp is REALLY expensive in Brazil!
  2. The names Elvis Presley and John Lennon are really popular names in Brazil!
  3. Russas has a ton of goats and I mean a ton of them. They walk around destroying all of the grass and plants!

Some people that we have been teaching decided to stop taking the discussions because they chose the worldly things over God and what he wants for them. The world motivates people to experiment with the things of the world using the word “freedom” as justification for their actions, but the reality of the situation is that these worldly addictions really bind you and make you a prisoner to them. Sometimes these addictions seem almost impossible to overcome. Start now to rid yourself of anything that causes you to depend on it or love it more than you love God. It’s tough, but you can get the help you need. You are not alone. And the atonement is available to anyone who humbles themselves before God.

Love you all!

Elder Nielsen

Sorria, tudo vai dar certo prometo!


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