Elder Matthew Nielsen

"You are assigned to labor in the Brazil Fortaleza East mission"

Priesthood Healing

Hello Family and Friends!

Another incredible week in the mission field! To start off, I want to answer a few questions that some of you have had about my mission:

1. Does your mission use bicycles?   We mostly walk. I would not even want to ride a bicycle or drive a car because it is insanity here. I would be totally afraid to do so!

2. Is it starting to get really hot?  Here in Ceará it is always VERY hot.

3. Are the members fixing dinner for you every evening?  The members here are very giving. They feed us faithfully every day except for today (p-day).

4. When will the Fortaleza temple be completed?  There is a temple under construction in Fortaleza but it is not going to be completed for many more years because the church is having a difficult time getting construction plans past the government for approval.

5. Are you allowed to knock on doors?  We are allowed to knock on doors but we do not knock on doors like we do in the states. We clap our hands loudly outside their doors and usually people respond by saying, “Quem é,” this means who is there?

6. Is there a security risk there?  This town is very peaceful and I love it here.

7. Tell us something more about your companion!  My companion, Elder Coiti, lives in the north part of São Paulo and has a very sarcastic and funny personality. He is the district leader for our district. So we help other missionaries deal with the challenges that come from the work.

Impressions of Brazil:

1) You probably know that water here is not good for your health, and if you drink it you will have massive problems. Well people here use a certain brand of mineral water that is delivered to your door. You call them and they always arrive on bicycles within 10 minutes. This water is clean to drink. Drinking juice is another thing. Many people will not use this mineral water for their juice.  So not good!

This week I want to share a very spiritual experience I had.  So my health has been kind of bad since I arrived here in Ceará. And this week I came down with a bad fever and a couldn’t really walk. I lost all of my energy. I tried to go out multiple times during the day but I just couldn’t do anything. So I returned back to the house and I felt that God would heal me through a Priesthood blessing. So I asked an American missionary, who is living in the same house with us, to give me a blessing. He blessed me that I would be healed. I immediately received energy, and that night my fever broke and by the next morning I was almost completely over my incredibly bad sickness (both stomach and cold). This was a miracle to me and a very sacred experience that I will always be grateful for. I do not have much time left to write, but I want to say that I know many of you are going through tough trials right now and I pray that you will turn towards God for strength because if you have faith and a willing heart, miracles can happen. I can testify of this.

Next week is my last p-day before Christmas. I want to share with you what Christ means to me. He is the gift given to us all and we should remember him during this amazing season of Christmas. (Ele é o presente dando para nos porque Deus no ama).

Until next week!

Elder Nielsen


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